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Little Yellow: A Client's Horse in Training at Rising K Ranch


Not for Sale


   Little Yellow is a 3 year old AQHA horse from Parowan, Utah. She spent about five months here on the ranch, and after we did all the groundwork and started riding her, she quickly became one of my favorite horses to work with and showed herself to be very willing in the arena, loved to work cows as often as she could, and did well up in the Utah mountains that surround our ranch.


Square: A Client's Horse in Training At Rising K Ranch


Not for Sale


Square is a paint horse from St. George, Utah, who spent three months on our ranch learning how to be a little more confident in the mountains, and also learning how to be more supple and soft. Since his owners are mostly going to be riding him on trails, I did not put sliding plates on his hinds and kept all his stops at a low speed and tried not to ask too much of him in that way- which is too bad because he really learned to enjoy the arena work.

Gazeteer: A Client's Stud Horse


Not for Sale


   Gazeteer is an AQHA stud horse that was brought to us from Antimony, Utah in the early summer of 2020 to be started under saddle. The video below is an update on his progress in his training the following autumn.

Old Pally


3 Year Old AQHA Registered Palomino


Price: $8,000




5 Year Old Gelding


Price: $5,500




A Client's Horse in Training at Rising K Ranch

Not for Sale

   Honey is a two year old roan filly that came to us from Kannaraville, Utah to learn to be good around a ranch and in the mountains. She had previously been poorly started and had developed a rearing and striking problem. This video shows how she is doing after 90 days at Rising K Ranch. She is still here in training with us and we have plans to put her into local cowhorse and reining shows.

Cousin: 5 Year Old Sorrel Mare


 Price: $5,000





    I call this horse "Cousin" because I know she is at least a distant cousin to my Smart Little Lena mare- but she is GRADE (no registration papers with the AQHA).


   I have raised this horse since she was a long yearling and she is safe, sound, and soft in the mouth. She has a decent stop and will work off your feet quite well and would make a good working ranch horse or mountain horse. If you are interested in barrels (which I am not) she would do well with that as she is a fast sprinter if you ask her to run (which I rarely do past a fast lope.) I currently use her as a riding lesson horse at Rising K Ranch. She is safe for beginners and has been ridden by plenty of first-time riders and children, but in order to preserve her mouth from dudes, I have mostly kept her with at least intermediate riders who will not pull hard on her.

   She does well being ridden all day while rounding up cattle off of Kanarra Mountain in Southern Utah as well as in the Virgin River Gorge. She has gone on all day mountain rides hundreds of times and has never shown any sign of unsoundness.


Price: $5,000


   We purchased Banner as a weanling from Shamus Haw's Running U Livestock at their final Running U Livestock Production Sale in Toole, Utah in 2016. She has since grown up here at Rising K Ranch and has been used for regular ranch work, trail rides and horseback riding lessons. 


A Client's Horse in Training

Not for Sale

   Sammy came to us from Jim Montgomery at Montgomery Performance Horses in Veyo, Utah. Sammy was sent here for a few months to simply learn to be a good ranch horse that will do well on mountains or with general ranch work and is safe to be around.

Esperanza: A Client's Horse in Training at Rising K Ranch


   Esperanza is a 3 year old Thoroughbred/Paint cross that came to us from Marysvale, Utah. She has become decent to ride in the arena and does quite well on long mountain rides in any kind of weather.

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